Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Teaser 1, Book 3 Ravening Series!


   I had stayed away from her for so long, stayed away to keep her safe, and if I hadn't felt her intense agony through the bond that we shared when she'd been injured, I never would have come back for her. I would have let her live her life, but after feeling her pain I hadn't been able to stay away. I'd told myself I would be able to control myself around her, but I'd never be able to control myself if I felt our bond irrevocably severed by her death and I hadn't been there to save her.

   Now however, as my eyes cracked open and landed upon her I knew that I couldn't control myself. The golden aura or halo that enshrouded her, and none of the others, instantly drew my attention to her. It seemed to pulse with vitality as it called to me, begging me to taste her, to take from her what I had longed denied myself and had only just recently got a brief taste of.

   That brief taste hadn't been enough, I wanted more. I wanted it all and I wasn't sure I could be denied anymore as my veins lit with fire and hunger blazed to life within me.

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