Monday, December 28, 2015

The Final Vengeance Teasers!

Teaser #11 for Vengeance (The Captive Series, Book 6) Coming December 29th! Only one more day until release!
The man glanced nervously at his friends. His heartbeat kicked up, it beat more loudly in William’s hypersensitive ears, causing his fangs to tingle more. The foul stench of panic wafted off the human as beads of sweat broke out across his forehead. “Ye… Yes,” he stammered out.
William bit into his wrist. He moved so fast from his chair the man never had a chance to react before William jerked his head back by his hair and held his wrist over the man’s mouth. Beads of blood plopped onto his lips and chin. His lips clamped together to keep from swallowing the blood.
Bending low, William almost rested his chin on the man’s shoulder as he spoke, “Now, with the knowledge I can track you anywhere if I force my blood into you, are you going to stick with that story?”
“Hey now…” the one vampire at the table started.
“Stay out of this!” William snarled at him. The vampire’s mouth shut as he quickly settled back into the chair he’d half risen from. The eyes of the human William held slid toward him but his head didn’t move an inch. “Are you going to stick with your story?”

Teaser #12

Teaser #13

Teaser #14

William spun toward the shadows as Kane bolted toward him with his shoulders down. William swung his spear up, prepared to drive it into Kane’s back. At the last second, Kane rose up and threw his spear at him. William dodged to the side but not in time to avoid having the spear tip plunge into his shoulder and burst out the other side.
He bit back a shout of pain, afraid to draw Tempest’s attention to the fight again, but he couldn’t keep back a grunt from the force of the impact. Turning back to face Kane, he didn’t have time to get out of the way as the vampire hurtled across the earth and dove at him. William stumbled back. He realized too late that he’d been standing near the entrance of the cave. With another violent shove from Kane, he lost what was left of his balance and toppled over the edge of the cliff.

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