Sunday, November 13, 2016

Teasers from Scorched Ice (The Fire & Ice Series, Book 3)

Teasers #4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 from Scorched Ice. Only 2 more days to go until Julian and Quinn's story comes to an end!


“One question,” the giant said to her in a voice so low the crowd couldn’t hear him. “Vampires crave power. Many give into the lure of blood and death because of the power that comes with it. But you, you can take power from another without your fangs and with only a simple touch. Many of these vamps see you as their savior, but I want to know who will regulate you if you give into the temptation and start taking from others?”
“It is a possibility,” she admitted, “but all of you will regulate me, and so will Julian. He pulls me back from the edge when I’m tempted to lean too far over.”
“One of the most prolific and legendary killers of all vampires keeps you stable, interesting,” the giant murmured and lifted his hand to rub at his chin.


Julian gritted his teeth. He’d known the vamps were going to be difficult to convince, but now they were just looking for blood.
Patience, he schooled himself. If this was going to work, he had to keep control of his temper. He had to be willing to do the dirty work that would need to be done, but he’d also have to be calm and fair.
Quinn released his hand, and before he knew what she intended, she hurried away from him. The vampires stepped out of her way as she moved through them with her hands raised in the air. Julian’s non-beating heart leaped into his throat before he rushed after her. He pushed his way through the crowd already closing in around her.
“Will any of you volunteer to come forward?” she asked as she walked. The vampires she focused on looked hastily away from her.
Julian glared at every vampire he passed. Some of them moved back from him; others were too focused on Quinn to notice he was there and he had to shove his way through them. He wanted to throttle her for putting herself into this position, but the vamps continued to step away from her, their eyes fearful as they watched her.
She stopped before the tall vampire in the back and tilted her head back to stare defiantly up at him. “If you’re not going to volunteer to see if I can turn you to ash, then I’m going to take that to mean you do believe what we’re saying and you’re just being difficult.”


“I’m sure many didn’t think I was worth trying to save,” he finally replied. “And at the time, they would have been right about me, but I made no secret of who and what I was back then. Maybe I could have tried to be better earlier in my life, but the possibility never crossed my mind, and in all honesty, I didn’t want to. I enjoyed torturing and killing, and I admit it."


She took a step back to leave when the hair on her nape rose. She detected no new scent, but her instincts screamed that she wasn’t alone. Over her time with Julian and the others, she’d become attuned to their presences. It wasn’t one of them coming up behind her now.
Ever since Earl had first walked into her life and torn it apart when she was eighteen, she’d always been ready for a fight. Always been loaded down with weapons so well concealed many wouldn’t know they were there. Now, she was standing in a freaking robe and bikini with none of the weapons she’d become so adept with over the years.
For the first time in six years, she’d let her guard down, allowed herself to pretend to live a “normal” life for a vampire, and she was about to pay for that.
The faintest hint of a step behind had her spinning and swinging the butter knife out. She’d twisted it within her grip so the blade was pointed to the side in her fist. Despite its dull blade, she swung the knife with enough force that it whizzed past the nose of the man standing there and drove deep into the wall next to him. Plaster filtered over her hand as blood trickled from the thin slice the blade had left across the tip of the man’s nose.
His blue eyes widened on her before narrowing. Quinn yanked the knife from the wall at the same time he pulled out two stakes. Her fangs tingled as realization sank in.

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