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My name is not really Erica Stevens, it is a pen name that I chose in memory of two amazing friends lost too soon.I was born in New York and moved to Mass as a child. I spent my time growing up between NY and Mass so I have some interesting times when sports games roll around. I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend over two years ago and I don't know what I'd do without him. I have a large, crazy, fun loving family that just loves to laugh. My parents are the strongest people I know. I have an older brother and sister, and a younger sister, who have blessed me with many nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews. I am nowhere near as old as the great nieces and nephews make me sound. I love to read and have wanted to be a writer since I was nine years old. I also write more adult romance novels under the pen name of Brenda K. Davies.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bundle giveaway

Hi everyone I just wanted to let you know about a giveaway I am taking part in with some other authors. On Friday I will be giving away ten copies of a bundle of the first three books in The Captured Series on author AC James blog. I will a...lso be starting a sale of the bundle of books this weekend! There are other authors offering free copies of their books. Stop by and check it out if you get the chance! http://acjamesbooks.blogspot.com/


  1. I love your books and I can't wait for Salvation to win. If it's not too much I was wondering if you can stop by and read my story on Tumblr. It would mean a lot to me if you can but if you don't I understand. You have a lot to do. But thanks anyway. Big fan!

  2. The Captive is my all time favorite series!!! I am obsessed with Braith!! He is one of a kind and there's just something about him that makes you forget about all other men> Aria is a strong girl but she has a strength about her that makes her much older then her years. Please release Salvation early I need to know what happens!!

    1. IKR!!! I love Braith, too. the way he can be so gentle and kind to her but turn around and kill anyone who is a threat to her or he just doesnt trust are reasons I love him.

      Aria does seem wiser than her years. When you live the way she did, I think you have to be.

  3. Erica Stevens is amazing. I love this series and Ravenous and so many other series of hers. But this series is my absolute favorite by a long shot!!