Friday, May 10, 2013

Salvation, Teaser 6

   Braith’s shoulders were heaving, his chest was tense, and his arms sore from the amount of damage he’d just rendered. His vision was blurred by a hazy cloud of red that coated his eyes and made it nearly impossible to see. He’d never experienced anything like it. When he’d lost his vision, the world around him had consisted entirely of blackness. Then Aria had come into his life and brought the illumination back, brought color back and given him the gift of vision again.

   Now the blackness had become the deep hue of blood. Instead of being completely blind this time though, shadows still moved across his field of vision and he could make out the blur of other obstacles in the clearing.

   He couldn’t see them clearly but he knew that Gideon and Ashby had retreated far from him; David, Daniel, and William were standing by something solid, perhaps a rock, maybe a tree, only Jack was brave enough to remain anywhere nearby. He didn’t know what had caused this shadowed haze, he’d never been able to keep his vision this far from her, but it had been steadily improving when he was away from her. He thought it was due to the increasing amount of her blood within him.

   She had strengthened him, and he’d let her down. He’d lost her.


  1. On pins and needles waiting for Salvation to be released!!!

  2. Waiting is so hard to do - but loving the teasers!

  3. Omg these teasers make it sooo hard to wait, but I wouldn't trade them. So excited for Salvation

  4. These teasers are killing me!!!! I hope Braith will get his vision back and save Aria.

  5. A whole page would be so nice. I know it's teaser but please it is only a few weeks away. Give us a break here. :)


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