Saturday, June 29, 2013

Survivor Question

In the coming weeks there will be a death in The Survivor Chronicles. Who do you think it will be?

A. Al
B. Bobby
C. Carl
D. Lee
E. Josh
F. John
G. Mary Ellen
H. Riley
I. Rochelle
J. Peter
K. Xander


  1. Looks like it's either Lee or Xander :(

  2. Yeah unfortunately I have to agree Susan. Although losing zander would be very sad since I just want to see him and Riley back together.... don't kill zander please?

  3. I agree with Susan as well, but I hope that Xander doesn't die. That would be really sad. Like Elizabeth, I was hoping that he would get back with Riley as well. :(

  4. Bobby, Lee, Josh, Rochelle, and Peter are the characters that have never been headlined for the point of view headings each week. In book one the story says it is about some of those who survived, so it seems the characters not headlined are the ones most at risk for dying off. Of these five characters, Lee is the one most likely to die based on current events. However, Bobby is at risk if Xander goes psycho. Killing Rochelle off. by some weird twist would be sad because Mary Ellen is her mom and they are not yet reunited. And letting a headlined character die would undermine book one's promises. So, I think it will either be Bobby or Lee.


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