Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Phoenix Rising Teaser 3

   “No,” Chris whispered. “There is no getting him back. There is nothing to get back Julian. There is no man in there anymore.” He grabbed hold of Julian’s arm as he swayed on his feet. He forced himself to focus on the vampire, to make Julian acknowledge that what Chris was saying was true. “There is nothing but a monster left.”

   Julian’s gaze moved deliberately to Chris’s hand on his arm. Chris became acutely aware of the fact that this was the first time he had ever touched Julian. Julian could now see any aspect of his life, but Chris didn’t care. Julian finally seemed to register what Chris was experiencing, what Chris felt and understood. There was only pure evil and hatred within Devon now.

   “Oh.” Julian’s eyes were wide with horror and pain as they met Chris’s.

   “He’s gone Julian.”

   Julian stood still as he gazed at Chris. “Maybe not forever though.”


   “I’m not giving up,” he insisted. “Not yet anyway. I promised her. Now, we are going to need your help, can I count on you?”

   Chris swallowed heavily. He tried to seize hold of Julian’s determination but he couldn’t escape the crushing sense of doom that was suffocating him. “Yes,” he whispered.

   Julian turned away, but before he did Chris caught the brief glimpse of defeat in Julian’s eyes. Annabelle’s eyes were as round as a baseball as she gaped at him. “Chris…”

   “It’s that bad,” he said softly.

   “I have to get to Liam,” Annabelle insisted. Chris nodded his agreement. They had already lost Cassie and Devon today; they couldn’t afford to lose Annabelle and Liam too.

   “No,” Julian said.

   “No? What do you mean no?” Annabelle demanded.

   Julian wasn’t looking at either one of them though; his gaze was focused on Cassie’s prone figure. “No, not yet.”

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