Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Phoenix Rising, Teaser 4

   Annabelle’s eyes fixed on Dani, who looked a little too frightened. “Dani?” she demanded.

   They all turned to her as she nervously chewed on her bottom lip. “My ability has gotten stronger,” she admitted on a whisper.

   Annabelle grabbed hold of her arm and pushed her forward as Devon was knocked to his knees. “Robert, go for Robert!”

   “If we attack The Elders…!”

   Annabelle shot Luther a look that silenced him instantly. “Go for Robert.”

   “You’re declaring war,” Luther told her.

   She glared at him. “Robert killed Cassie, they already declared war. Now it is essential that we save Devon.”

   “I don’t know how strong it is on the second blast,” Dani mumbled.

   Blood bloomed across Devon’s forehead as a rock bounced off of him. “Just stop Robert,” she whispered fervently. “It will be ok.”

   Annabelle hoped that was a promise she could keep. Devon was struggling back to his feet when another rock hit his shoulder and knocked him back again. The ground pulsed and began to vibrate as Dani drew power from it. Annabelle kept hold of her shoulders, trying to give her courage and strength. The blast shot out of her and hit Robert forcefully enough to push him back a few steps.

   The rocks Robert had been gathering to throw at Devon clattered to the ground as his power was temporarily squashed. As one, creepy unit, The Elder’s turned scorching, ruby eyes upon all of them. Terror curdled through Annabelle as a small whimper escaped Dani. Annabelle shoved the smaller girl behind her, prepared to take the blunt force of their attack, but Liam stepped in front of her.

   “Liam!” she cried.


  1. The suspense is killing me!!!! I cannot wait much longer until the 31st. Only if there was time travel.....
    Keep writing, I promise to keep reading. Is there going to be another book to the ravenous series soon? Can't wait to see what becomes of Bethy and Cabe!

    1. I'm hoping to have the third Ravening out over the fall but will post updates when I have a better idea! :)

  2. This series and the captured series and the captured series are my favorites. The suspense for this one is driving me crazy! I'm counting down the days until Phenoix Rising!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them so much! Thank you!


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