Thursday, May 21, 2015

Teaser 5 from Frost Burn

   Over the tick of the clock and the hum of the cooler, she heard a board squeak in the kitchen. She stiffened as she realized the ‘we’ he spoke of a moment ago had arrived through the backdoor. One of the kitchen doors swung open and the first of five more vamps stepped into the main barroom.
    They wanted her alive, but what they wanted her alive for, and what... they might force her to do, was more than enough for her to decide she’d prefer to be dead. Jerking her arm back, she let her stake fly with deadly accuracy at the first vamp who had walked through the swinging door. She had no shot of hitting the one she’d been speaking with, but these five weren’t completely prepared for her. They would be now as the stake found its intended target and the vampire let out a howl. The stricken vamp fell back, his fingers grasped frantically at the stake embedded deep within his heart. Even if he pulled it free, it was too late for him; his life was over.
    Without missing a step, she bent low and tugged the two remaining stakes from her boots. She wouldn’t be able to throw these, but if they got close enough to her she would make them rethink ever trying to touch her again. She rose back to her full height just as one of the others tossed aside their dead friend and hefted a barstool over his head.

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