Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Arctic Fire Teasers #5, 6, 7, 8 & 9

Only four more days to go!

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Teaser #7

His fangs tingled. He ground his teeth together as he stared at the shadowed windows. Just slip inside and feel a little better. Unleash the monster within that’s been begging to be free since it was caged. Lose yourself in murder and death by indulging in the blood of the innocents.
It had been two years since he’d fed from a human, but he could clearlyrecall the taste of human blood; could still feel the warmth of it as it flooded his mouth and slid down his throat. The thrill of power and excitement it had given him as his victims struggled and screamed in his arms was something he could never forget. Those screams…
A smile curved his mouth at the memories. Those screams had filled many of his nights and had made him feel alive in a way he hadn’t felt in centuries. Then he’d met Cassie and his love for her had made him feel alive in a different way. It had made him realize he could be, and wanted to be, a better man. He’d always known Cassie was Devon’s and could never be his, but he’d still wanted to be better for her, and he was.
Now he had Quinn. He wanted to be a good man for her, like she deserved, but he would do whatever it took, no matter how merciless and horrific, to keep her safe. She made him feel more alive than he’d ever felt and made him love in a way he hadn’t imagined possible. Even when he’d been human, he’d never felt as alive as he did when he was holding her, touching her.
And he could lose her. So many things out there were trying to tear them apart. He never knew where the next threat might come from.
I could walk into one of those homes, shut out the world for a few hours, and lose everything I’ve worked to achieve.
A light came on in one of the homes. He remained where he was as the sky turned pink in the distance. He should take shelter soon, but he couldn’t tear himself away as the thrill of the hunt and the kill pulsed within his body.
He couldn’t return to Quinn like this, not when he was so close to losing complete control of himself. She could soothe the beast within him, but he wasn’t in the mood to be calmed.
Instead of taking shelter or returning to Quinn, he flexed his fingers again as he walked toward the house.



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