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My name is not really Erica Stevens, it is a pen name that I chose in memory of two amazing friends lost too soon.I was born in New York and moved to Mass as a child. I spent my time growing up between NY and Mass so I have some interesting times when sports games roll around. I was fortunate enough to marry my best friend over two years ago and I don't know what I'd do without him. I have a large, crazy, fun loving family that just loves to laugh. My parents are the strongest people I know. I have an older brother and sister, and a younger sister, who have blessed me with many nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews. I am nowhere near as old as the great nieces and nephews make me sound. I love to read and have wanted to be a writer since I was nine years old. I also write more adult romance novels under the pen name of Brenda K. Davies.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The final Teasers for Arctic Fire!

The final teasers for Arctic Fire! Less than a day to go now! Teasers #10, 11, 12 & 13smile emoticoTeasers number 10, 11, 12 & 13!
Teaser #12
He barely felt the burning rays of the sun as he raced across the sand in massive leaps and bounds that ate away at the distance. The run didn’t ease any of his hostility, but he was out of the RV, away from all the tempting heartbeats and pulsing blood.
His mind spun with the implications of what Cassie had told him. It didn’t matter what Quinn did, he realized as flames danced from the tips of his fingers and up his arms. He’d love her no matter what she became. No matter what they did to her while they had her, she would always be the only woman he’d ever truly love. She would always be his.
If she had to be destroyed before she could be used for evil, he would do it. Then he would walk into the sun and welcome the rays that would sear away his flesh and bones. No matter how much he loved and needed her, he would never allow her to be used to hurt and destroy others. She would rather be dead before that ever happened, rather be dead than have her mind controlled by someone else; she’d said so herself.
He heard the loud rev of an engine and glimpsed the Challenger in the distance as Devon raced the car down the drive, almost keeping pace with him. “Get in!” Devon shouted at him, but Julian ignored him as he leapt over a large cactus. He darted to the side as flames began to consume his clothes and body.

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