Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last Phoenix Rising Trailer!

   He grabbed hold of the first Halfling and jerked it back. Picking it up, he heaved the miserable creature against a tree. The sickening crack of bone echoed through the trees, but the creature was still alive as it slumped to the ground and tried to stumble back to its feet. He ignored it though as he rushed forward to take down the other one. He knew, even before he saw it chewing on Patrick’s flesh that the man was not going to survive. He felt no remorse over it; in fact he felt more remorse about pulling the Halfling off of him and ripping his heart out of his chest.

   The creature’s mouth parted in surprise and then tears sprang forth in its eyes. “Thank you.”

   Devon dropped the heart, disgusted with himself and this hideous situation. “Look out!”

   Devon jumped and nearly toppled over as Cassie’s voice rang through the forest. He spun around as the other Halfling came at him with a hideous shriek and a severe limp. Over the creature's shoulder he spotted Cassie standing amongst the trees, but he didn’t have time to ponder it as he grabbed the final Halfling and drove it into the ground. He twisted its head to the side and swiftly freed it from its neck.

   He looked up as Chris and Melissa skidded to a halt behind Cassie. Luther caught up a few seconds later and took a startled step back. Devon could only sit there and gape at her as she took a small step forward. It wasn’t till part of her arm disappeared within a tree that he realized it wasn’t really her.


  1. These teasers are torture, and making the wait for the release even longer! I CAN NOT WAIT for this book to be available. Can't you just release early????? PLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE

  2. too manu possiblitys one of wich is cassie is fully a vamp ans her psychic ability is projecting a self image or phase through solid objects


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