Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Phoenix Rising, Teaser 5

   Luther’s breath was trapped in his chest as he took in the mayhem unfolding outside. He rested his hand on the kitchen sink and leaned closer to the window. Anarchy, complete and utter anarchy reigned as more vampires emerged from the woods in a bloodthirsty wave bent on death.

   “What did they do?” Luther muttered as his heart leapt into his throat. The Elders had come here in the hopes of destroying them and instead they had unleashed Hell on earth. Instead they had lit the catalyst that would most likely end their own lives, and could very well alter the course of history as these creatures had no care for anything other than death and mayhem.

   These were not controllable vampires. These were not creatures that respected the old ways and The Elders that had forged the history of their race. These were creatures that would destroy them all.

   A glimmering flicker pulled his attention away from the invading pack. He’d thought that he’d seen it all, thought that he couldn’t be surprised anymore, but he’d been completely wrong as his heart plummeted into his toes and a cold ice began to encase his body.

   Luther could feel the heat from the blaze even from this distance as the fire beat against the window and illuminated the kitchen. He couldn’t shake the feeling that Hell on earth had just been unleashed, and that it wasn’t in the form of the vampires.  



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